You have these housing options during your studies

You have these housing options during your studies

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For many, a commenced study period means that it is now also time to fly from the safe, pleasant and safe nest at home with the parents, instead of moving away from home. For many, it can seem unmanageable, for what options do you actually have as a young person with a relatively low income to obtain a home, and what considerations should you make before deciding what type of home you want to live in?


In study cities such as Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg and Esbjerg, apartments of all price ranges and sizes abound. A large part of these, however, are rented apartments, which even students with the SU´ as the only source of income can afford to live in. The apartments can be found on a multitude of rental sites on the Internet, where the larger study cities also have special websites with waiting lists for many of the custom-built studio apartments. If you want to be considered for one of the more attractive studio apartments from these waiting lists, you must be aware, however, that it may be a good idea to register as a user as early as possible, as your seniority is very important for which housing goals that you are offered through this. The advantage of renting an apartment rather than buying an apartment is that in the vast majority of cases you will be able to get housing benefit.


In and around the larger study cities there are several dormitories, where for the most part you will be able to rent a room relatively cheaply. In the dormitories, your neighbors and other residents will all be students, where there will also often be several common rooms and activities that you can choose to use. In many dormitories, however, there will be a shared kitchen and in some cases even a shared shower and toilet, which you will also have to help keep clean. For those looking for their very own, a college can in other words be a challenge, whereas a college is often a cool place to move to for those of you who have just moved from home to a new city where you do not know so many. You can sign up for most dormitories on the dormitories' own websites or on the waiting lists associated with the universities and other educational institutions.


Due to the high housing prices, especially in the big cities, collectives have been extremely popular for many years now. In collectives, you will often live in a larger apartment or house with many others, where you will share a kitchen, bathroom and living room, but have your own room. Moving in a collective can be a good way to get to know new people, and often in collectives there will also be joint parties, food evenings and other forms of fun. Most collectives are looking for new residents through the internet, where several Facebook pages and special websites for collectives and housing associations allow you to search for a room when the opportunity arises. On applications to most collectives, it is usually a good idea to spend plenty of time on your application, as it is usually the current residents who decide whether you have a "match" and whether you should be given the chance to move in. in the community.