It doesn't cost a farm to drive in something delicious

It doesn't cost a farm to drive in something delicious


There are many who never get the boy's dream of the dream car fulfilled because it is too expensive to drive in something delicious. This is because in Denmark we have a registration fee which is very high compared to other countries, and the tax is especially high on the nice cars. It means to many that the boy's dream remains a dream, and driving pleasure is something that one must strive to experience. Unless you flexlease. By flexlease, you pay only a small percentage of the registration fee each month along with a benefit determined by looking at how many miles you expect to drive. The two numbers provide a rate you pay each month. A rate that is somewhat lower than buying the dream car with full registration fee. You can read much more about flex leasing here .

The dream car as part company car

If you drive a lot in connection with your work, it may not make much sense to you to have something delicious that you use privately because you do not drive very private. A company car makes more sense. You can make sure your leasing agreement takes into account that you are running a lot in your work through split leasing . In short, you and your employer or company are divided on paying for the lease depending on how much the car is used privately and in connection with work.

A very high registration fee

When driving on the roads in Denmark, it is quite limited how many exclusive cars you see. At least if you go abroad and see what mills around the country roads around the world. This is so because Denmark has one of the world's highest registration fees on cars with white plates. It often becomes a doubling of the price for which the car will actually have been sold. And more when it is more expensive cars.