Derma Belle Skin Care & Spa

Derma Belle Skin Care & Spa

At DermaBelle focus on two things - serious and honest professional dermatological competence, and make your treatment estimates and relaxing. Based on this, we offer a full range of beauty treatments, wellness experiences and effective, pure products.

So come and enjoy a relaxing break from everyday life in your beauty treatment. Or enjoy our professional expertise also in your wellness treatment. We like our work, and we think that you should mark.

At DermaBelle you will find that it is you, your health and individual charisma and your well-being is at the center.
We will not change you or make you another. At DermaBelle focus on stress relief, health, well-being and a neat appearance.

At DermaBelle we also know that that without great professional knowledge and kompentance we are not able to give you what we want - that is the best in the individual care and relaxing wellness. Therefore, you will at DermaBelle meeting the highest level of cosmetological education.

DermaBelle do not just empty buzzwords about holism and body energies. We are instead of great theoretical knowledge and professional skills combined with a genuine interest in how we can best help you.

A visit to DermaBelle is pampering care of both body and soul.

Professional knowledge that makes the difference

The basis for a beautiful appearance is primarily a healthy skin. Modern professional skin care is not a matter of superficial short-term effect. Today skin care science with efficient products and processes, which significantly rebuild and change your skin in depth.

Your skin is a complex living body is exposed to countless everyday influences of climate, weather, stress, pollution and much more.

The use of modern effective methods of skin care thus requires great professional knowledge and insight. This knowledge you are sure to meet with DermaBelle. We use CIDESCO beautician training, which through several years of dermatological study provides a thorough understanding of skin anatomy and physiology.
CIDESCO diploma is recognized in all countries as proof of the highest educational qualification in working with beauty and skin care.

Therefore, we have the knowledge it takes to put together exactly the treatment that is best adapted to your skin's unique needs.

We know that your skin is as special as you, and we know how we are with you best create a beautiful, healthy and vital skin.

Remember: Report any. Cancellation up to 2 days before, otherwise we have to charge a fee determined based on the duration of treatment.