It is advisable to pick up if you have room shortage

It is advisable to pick up if you have room shortage

You have finally received your long-awaited student residence / apartment and are exceedingly happy. You must finally move in. You think of all the open doors of opportunities that offer, now where you will live in your study city.
However, there are just a few things you need to fix first: your stuff must be placed and it needs to be decorated.
These are the fewest young students who live in a large luxury home, so most of us have to settle for a little less square meters. Your home may be small, but with these tips and tricks you can create more space in your home.

White walls
With white walls, your home looks more spacious and airy. The white color "opens up" for the room, and gives good light to your reading reading. If you are the minimalist type, avoid excessive storage and decorating on the walls.

Storage under the sofa and bed
If your home is big enough for a couch, you might consider a sofa with storage facilities below. It could, for example, be a sofa with doors under the cushions. Here you will find room for example. tablecloths, christmas decorations and bedding.
If you have space under the bed, you can easily and elegantly roll some transparent rollers underneath. It's easy to get in and you can use the big space that's under your bed.
Are you planning to buy a new bed, you may. consider buying one with built-in drawers.

The solution on oblique walls
Do you have oblique walls? Many have experienced where tough, it may be to have oblique walls as they eliminate the possibility of high furniture. However, the space must not be wasted, and then it is fortunate that there is the possibility of building under the sloping walls. Both Silvan and IKEA have a wide range of cabinets and doors for student-friendly prices.

A table that claps
IKEA is your friend when it comes to functionality for cheap money. Whether you're looking for a dining table or a desk, a folding table is a great way to save space. If you need more space to sit by, the table can be folded up and you need more space to walk around, it can be folded together.

Use your walls
Your walls have a lot of storage options. You can choose to use boxes, baskets, galleries, other shelves, etc. - some even use buckets. Limited only by imagination. If you are a little inventive, you can give your home a very personal touch and at the same time have the functionality in the top.
The same goes for your kitchen. If you install rails, hooks and other small shelves on the walls, it is much easier to use the vertical space. There may be hang knives, pans and kitchen utensils.

Functionality on the balcony
If you have a small balcony , you should also consider how to use it most conveniently, but at the same time make room for some enjoyment. One of the most important thing is that you are considering a drying rack or a drying line. It's better for the clothes to air dry and you also save money, not having to use a tumble dryer.
You also want a place where you can sit outside and enjoy the weather. Buy a small garden table so you can make a cup of coffee and put a book. Consider not least folding chairs - they can be packed so you save as much space as possible.