The ultimate guide to Frederiksberg

The ultimate guide to Frederiksberg


Are you going to Copenhagen and would you like to spend some time at Frederiksberg? Then you've landed the right place. Here you get a guide to Frederiksberg, so you can be sure to get all the best of the beautiful district with.

Eat and drink really well at Frederiksberg

There are really many good and nice restaurants in Frederiksberg. Among other things we can mention OLIOLI, which is a nice take away restaurant in Frederiksberg . Here you can go hungry with beautiful Hawaiian poke bowls with an Asian look. In addition to buying the food as a takeaway here, you can choose to sit in the restaurant itself and enjoy your bowl with, for example, fresh fish, crispy vegetables and tasty sauces.

If you are looking for a café rather than a real restaurant in Frederiksberg, Ipsen and Co. worth a visit. The small, cozy café serves up really good coffee, and of course you can enjoy various cafeterias, breads and cakes here. If you are looking for a good brunch, this is also a place worth visiting.

Go on a castle visit and go for a walk in Frederiksberg Garden

You should not cheat yourself for a trip in Frederiksberg Garden if you plan to spend a day in this part of Copenhagen. Especially in the spring and summer the garden is beautiful to move in, but it can in fact be visited all year round. If you have purchased poke bowls at OLIOLI as a takeaway, you may want to consider taking them with you to just Frederiksberg Garden and having a small picnic.

In addition to visiting the beautiful garden at Frederiksberg, you should do yourself the favor of visiting castle. It is possible to get guided tours at Frederiksberg Castle , which you can consider if you have a good time. Otherwise, it is also an experience in itself to consider the fine building from the outside. Especially, if you are just a little excited about architecture, you will certainly enjoy the view of the magnificent castle.

Shop beautiful things all over the world

There are really good shopping opportunities in Frederiksberg . You will find, among other things, a large number of specialty shops and vintage stores where you can make a coup. In addition, you can of course discover in various shoe and clothing stores, which are located side by side with fine cafes and nice restaurants. Many of the shops are located in old, beautiful buildings and it can therefore be an experience in itself to discover here.

If you are into recycling and markets, Frederiksberg is also the place for you. Among other things, flea markets are regularly held in KB Hallen, which has recently reopened after it was hit by a fire. For the flea market you can find exciting cases from all over the world at good prices. In addition, there is typically a really cozy atmosphere and a good atmosphere. If you have the time to walk around and look at the many different stalls, you can then take advantage of the flea market in the iconic hall.