The ultimate guide: How to decorate your studio home for a little money

The ultimate guide: How to decorate your studio home for a little money

If you are one of the many people who have just got a studio apartment and are facing the big task of getting started on the very large interior design on a small budget, read on here as we come up with tips on how to get hold of cheap furniture as well as how you can decorate your small studio home to make it look bigger.

Cheap furniture

There are 3 main approaches you can take when you need cheap furniture and decor items. Read on and see what you can do.

1. DIY

First, there is the possibility that you can go ahead and make some of the furniture yourself. For example, sofas made of European pallets have been very popular in recent years, and in several places you can buy cushions for which are specially designed for a European pallets purpose. However, one must be a little firm on one's hands if one is to embark on this.

1. Recycling

Another option is that you can buy the furniture used in flea markets or in thrift stores. However, if you buy a furniture with upholstery, keep in mind that there are many foreign people who have sat and lay in it before you, so it may be a good idea to have the furniture cleaned before using it.

2. Offers

Are you more the type who loves to shop new things without being ruined, and do you love to treat yourself to new delicious things and things? Then it is a good idea to buy your new furniture on offer. This can help you. The website has a great focus on offers and guides you to the best deals online.

The decor

It can be difficult to design a studio home because you need many features in your home, while not many square meters to do well with. But even if you only have a little space, you can still easily create a cozy home with a nice decor - it just requires a little more ingenuity and creativity.

1. Multifunctional furniture

When choosing furniture for your new home, you should invest in furniture that has more than one function, saving you valuable square meters. Therefore, you should look for a sofa bed and consider buying a dining table that can also be used for desks when studying.

2. Closed storage solutions

A small apartment can quickly appear cluttered, so it's a good idea to think about storage solutions that can create structure in your home. Closed cupboards and dressers can often give the illusion of a more tidy home rather than a shelf where all your different things are visible all the time. Cabinets and dressers hide things and create clean surfaces that do not disturb the eye.

3. Large mirrors

The last tip is to design your small study house with large mirrors, so that you create the illusion of a larger space. The mirrors can also make the room brighter and more open, which is often not the case for small study homes.

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