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Is it time to take the license, and are you in this regard, a professional driving school and driving instructor? Choose a driving school that is a member of DKU!

Køreskolen City Driver in the heart of Aarhus are ready to help you.

They have online calendar that works on all smart phones, computers, tablets and all operating systems; new and thus safer cars; good theory facilities and the ability to switch between Aarhus and Copenhagen; flexible driving and teams start almost every week so you can quickly get started. And they are cheaper in the long through effective quality education. It pays off

Ready for the roads!

At the City-Driver driving school on Silkeborgvej 62, in the heart of lovely Aarhus, you will take a driving license on your premises. Here you get a good education, and become a skilled driver who is geared to life afterwards. It is important that you become a responsible driver who is risk conscious about the road traffic. Even though it is an education you take, you should also have fun and have a good experience with your first trips on the Danish roads.


Unlimited theory of education NOK 1,595, -

Manøvrebane 4 lessons DKK 1,395, -

Glatbane 4 lessons DKK 1,595, -

Driving lessons, 16 obligatory NOK 500, - DKK 8,000, -

Discount when paying by teams start kr. 590, -

Price for compulsory driving instruction DKK 11,995, -

Many options!

At City-Driver you can also train for driving lessons if you just feel your heart belongs to life on the road. Therefore, at the driving school, of course, they are updated with the latest knowledge in the driving license area, and it is your assurance that you get the best education on the way to your driving license.

City-Driver Driving School is a member of the Danish Drivers' Union, which is your guarantee for an organized driving school with a guarantee fund.


Silkeborgvej 62, 8000 Aarhus C

Contact info

Telefon: 40430042


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