Capri Pizza & Kebab

Are you looking for a restaurant that offers a large selection of different dishes that you can both enjoy with them or take home as take away to enjoy? Then Capri Pizza and Kebab is just the place for you. Capri Pizza & Kebab in Aalborg is located at the address Nørre Tranders Vej 99 in the center of the city, where you can get a quick pass for a good bite to eat.

At Hps Capri Pizza & Kebab, they offer you a large selection of different dishes on their menu. Here it's not just pizza and kebab that the menu offers, though the name might indicate something else. On the menu you will find specialties such as star shots, classics such as pizzas, menus, nuggets, durum, pita bread, pita bread, sandwiches, pasta dishes, barbecue and salads. So whatever you want for a wholesome pizza and crave something unhealthy, or maybe try to keep the slim line, you have the option of either taking a pizza with extra snack or maybe a salad for you who doesn't want fast food.

The pizzeria is open every day from 4 pm to 9 pm, so you have plenty of opportunity to take a stroll past the place whenever you have time. Whatever it is on a Sunday night if you fancy a pizza or a Tuesday afternoon, you have the opportunity to get past the pizza shop or have your take-away delivered.

If you and your student friends are looking for a good pizza in Aalborg, where you can either choose to eat in the restaurant or have the food delivered home, then Capri Pizza & Kebab is an obvious choice. Their good service, central location and good pizzas definitely make the visit worthwhile. Read more on their website if you want more information about the pizza shop and what you can get to eat on the menu.