Cafe Gulland

Cafe Gulland

Café Gulland's (maybe) Roskilde hottest outlet. The "old" tavern offers itself with filling the atmosphere, billiards and a large cozy regulars. Musikcaféen presents itself with live music to a wide audience of out-selected days. Natcaféen presents itself with music every Friday and Saturday night - delivered by one of the café's talented DJ. Natcaféen is the mature audience's absolute favorite venue - in Roskilde and knowledge surrounding area.


Borchsgade 6
4000 Roskilde

Contact info

Telefon: 46 35 02 44‎

Opening Hours

Mandag – Onsdag
kl. 10 – 21

kl. 10 – 24

Fredag – Lørdag
kl. 10 – 05 (natcafé)


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Cafe Gulland