Café Brag

Café Brag

Café Brag is a super cozy cafe, where the menu offers delicious dishes with fresh fish. The old tradition lives still, as Jytte and Erik Brag opened Cafe Brag where Ole Brag every day in the summertime to provide fresh smoked fish straight from the smoker to The café guests.


Smoked fish - a family tradition for more than 150 years

In 1852 started Fitz Thietje a smokehouse on Small Okseø the Flensburg Fjord.
There were mainly smoked eel, which was caught in the fjord, but after a few years burned down the smokehouse, and a new was built in Stranderød.

In Stranderød were already several other smokehouses, and there was eventually an entire small industry. Flensburg fjord could not only supply the many smokehouses, then eventually got one eel from around the Baltic area.

In order to achieve excellence of the smoking process used to beech and alder wood, which was stored at least a year. Were also used sawdust, but only of beech. Contemporary transportforegik with fjorddampere who sailed the smoked eel to Flensburg. From here they were transported further by rail to major cities in Germany.

Around 1900 started the founder's son, Iwer Andreas Thietje own smokehouse at North Harbour Street in Sønderborg. He was only 36 years old, and his widow had to drive the company forward with the help of the family Hess, who also came from Stranderød.

Røgeriet continued later by the grandchildren Iwer and Heinrich Brag. In 1945 the company moved to Langebrogade 12-14, where it was known as the Brothers Brag Smokehouse. In 1967 came Iwer Brag son Ole with the company and ran it until 2000.

The old tradition lives still, as Jytte & Erik has opened Café Brag where Ole every day in the summertime to provide fresh smoked fish straight from the smoker to the café guests.


Sundgade 11
6400 Sønderborg

Contact info

Telefon: 7448 6403


Opening Hours

Maj: Torsdag - søndag kl. 11.30-16.00

Juni - August: tirsdag - onsdag kl. 11.30-16.00 torsdag - lørdag kl 11.30 - 21.00 sondag kl 11.30 - 16.00 Juli - også: mandag kl 11.30 - 16.00

Kæmpe fiskebuffet: lørdag - søndag kl 12.00 - 15.00


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Café Brag
Café Brag