Boutique Fish

Do you love fish? Boutique Fish gives you a good opportunity to bring a delicious fish to the breakfast table.
The first Boutique Fish opened in January 2007 at Falkoner Allé 37 in Frederiksberg. The staff behind had some time had the idea of ​​opening a modern fishing business. It would be a fish business with top quality fish, fast fish without bones and bobbles, where the service was top with good service and a place where there was no need for water on the floor and ice cold. The answer was here, Boutique Fish.

Later that same year, they started a collaboration with Magasin and their fishery departments in Food & Wine. This both at Kgs. Nytorv and in Lyngby. Quickly, a small chain of Boutique Fish was established. Today, Boutique Fish consists of four state-of-the-art fish shops, all of which are under the same name. Here you will find delicious and delicious fish in a nice setting, where the service is also more than approved. Boutique Fisks has a number of products made out of the mindset that it is quick and easy to cook some delicious fish meat. It is of course also possible to act in order to handle things yourself and take it slowly.
It should therefore be easy to get high quality fish, says Boutique Fish. It must be easily accessible to buy and enjoy the best of the ocean. You do not have to be a qualified cook and spend 2 hours in the kitchen doing some fish. It's quality and it's convenience - two words describing Boutique Fish's basic values.