Bounce Club

Bounce Club

Bounce Club is a Deluxe HIP HOP & RnB club that plays the hits, you would never hear in clubs + future well-known bangers!

It is played hits from the 90s, mostly foreign hits, but also Danish names. West Coast / Crunk and a touch of African Flavour with Dance Hall. Our DJs know what can get people on their feet, so that is always full press and the bar selection is formidable. The summit boasts luxurious Lounge, where you can chill to the music, and socialize with friends and girlfriends. On Bounce are all friends with each other, across nationalities, creating a respectable and multicultural forum in which all share the same musical tastes and lifestyle. The dress code is Street Classy Gents & Fabolous Sexy Ladies Deluxe! Swagger is a large part of the bounce style. There should dress up in a cool unique way so they can party like a rock star!


Nikolaj Plads 25
1167 København K

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00.00 - 06.00


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Bounce Club
Bounce Club