civil Students

civil Students

Civil Students are composed 2 independent, Conservative Students and Liberal Students of Denmark. Civil Students are gathering point for civil students at Odense University.

Civil Students want to represent the students who have a civil approach to political issues and values. You do not need to be active in the Civil Students to get your opinions represented.

Civil Students have obvious political agenda and a number of specific objectives, but those must read more about on their website. One can not, as an individual join the Civil Students.

One can contrast join one of the two associations which together form Civil Students. It is not a requirement that you are a member of either the DLS or KS, if you want to run for Civil Students. The only requirement is that one should be of a civil orientation.


About Civil Students

Civil Students is a student political organization of SDU consisting of Denmark's Conservative Students and Liberal Students of Denmark in Odense.

Students at SDU:

As bourgeois students, we, like all other student politicians to a better environment for students at SDU. This means that we of course work for more space for group work, multiple sockets and better study. It separates us from the others is that we want much more than that, as student politics is also politics.

Freedom and responsibility to the students:

With freedom comes responsibility. Responsibility removed from the students when the freedom to organize their course of study is reduced or eliminated. There should be better introduced flexible curricula that allow individual organization of studies at SDU.

Upgrading the quality:

In a global world, Denmark must increasingly live on knowledge and good ideas, therefore we can not afford to be stingy with money for research and education. The quality can be improved in several areas including through proper laboratory facilities, technical equipment and a generally better study that strengthens the relations between the students and the university. It is not just about securing the future of education in the universities, but also a means of securing your future.

In Civil Students, we have:

1. More than 10 years of experience in student politics at SDU

2. consulted on research and education

3. Starting in politics is to prioritize, and therefore student politics also politics.