Børkop School

Børkop folk high school Home Mission Bible School

Børkop Højskolekan be a respite where you have the opportunity to put everyday tasks aside for a time. Here are full time concentrate on four key areas in your life:

1. The Bible
Solid and qualified Bible education that creates overview and detailed. Knowledge of the biblical connection between the OT and NT. Focus on Jesus Christ, the Bible's focal point.

2. God
Deeper into fellowship with God, for example, in the daily quiet time and in morning and evening devotions are. Rest of faith in Jesus as your Savior. Focus on God's plans for your life.

3. You
Time to unwind. Equipment to grow in favor and graces. Perspectives of your life: where do you come from - where are you going? Help to know your own position.

4. Community
New friends. A good Christian fellowship. Exciting experiences together. Space for the individual.

We are college and Bible school in one, and it is our vision to help every student to see his life in God's perspective, poke roots deep into God's Word in the Bible and bear fruit in faith and service.

In Børkop University you get to be who you are. But you will also be challenged in the training, you participate in, and in the community, you become a part of.

Warm welcome to apply for a course at Børkop College - Home Mission Bible School! You are also welcome to visit us or contact us for details!

Kurt Kristensen