Bistro Dejavu

Are you looking for a restaurant inspired by French cuisine? Then it may be that Bistro Dejavu in Aalborg, northern Paris, is just for you. Specifically, you will find Bistro Dejavu at By the Beach 7D.

Bistro Dejavu places great emphasis on good craftsmanship so that you get a really good restaurant experience for your money. The premises are beautifully decorated and therefore help to create a calm and cozy atmosphere. The staff is service minded and ready to give you a great service during your visit.

If we take a look at the menu, it is divided into a card for lunch and dinner, and then the restaurant also has a separate wine list that you go exploring. Here you will find everything from oysters, foie gras and frog thighs to beef medallion, pink roast lamb and potato blinis. The possibilities are incredible, and if you are unsure which wine matches your food, the staff can certainly help you along the way.

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Bistro Dejavu at the time of writing 1674 "Likes" on Facebook. In addition, based on 62 people's opinions, the restaurant has a score of 5 out and 5 stars on their side! We call that a good score. Former guests praise i.a. the food, the great rooms and the good service. If you are interested in reading more, you can check out Bistro Dejavu on Facebook.

Are you interested in visiting a restaurant where you can taste French classics in beautiful surroundings? Then take a look at Bistro Dejavu. Here, the staff and kitchen are ready to give you an amazing experience. Here you can come for lunch, but also in the evening for the very large evening menu. The restaurant can thus create the setting for a nice lunch with your friend or a good evening, where a birthday, well-rounded exam or similar is to be celebrated!