naturopath training

City Student Scholarships Category Duration Admission Requirements Education Institution
Copenhagen, Odense Ingen SU eller løn Alternative Healthcare Courses, Courses on specific subjects, Elective Courses, Healthcare 3 år Ingen Department of Biological Medicine
City Copenhagen, Odense
Student Scholarships Ingen SU eller løn
Category Alternative Healthcare Courses, Courses on specific subjects, Elective Courses, Healthcare
Duration 3 år
Admission Requirements Ingen
Education Institution Department of Biological Medicine
naturopath training

Naturopath training is based on the biological medicine and focuses on the holistic approach to health and disease.

Entry requirements:

To be trained naturopath, it is important that you have made up your mind whether you have the desire to work with people. Perhaps you are already trained in an area where you've had with people, but it is definitely not a requirement. There is as such not some entry requirements, but emphasizing that you are ready to acquire knowledge and could use the following to help your clients.

As a basic part of the training you are taught anatomy, physiology and pathology. If you have already taken this course can start at naturopath training immediately. Otherwise, just take the course before starting naturopath training.

Department of Biological Medicine has partnered with some local teachers in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense.

Naturopath program:

The biopath The training takes about Three years, but is not limited to this. It is not recommended to take the program faster than two years, as there is much to learn and much to indulge in. In addition, you have a job next while you study.

On biopath program teaches you about biopatiens basic principles and philosophy of the east, as biopatien naturally linked. In addition, you will be taught in the meridian learn, which is about the body's energy pathways. This doctrine gives you an insight into how disease and illness linked seen from body building.

Nutrition is important for the body to function optimally and therefore nutrition education is also a very important part of the training naturopath. Here you will be taught about nutrition, vitamins and minerals and how the different fats and sugars affect the body.

Part of phytoterapiens basic principles about how with simple methods can use herbal products to create a simple and customized solution for each client. Control Therapy, which profession is called a 5x2-day course where you will be introduced to homeopathy and teaches a critical approach to marketing and the producers tell you and consumers.

You can read more about the various components of education here. This is one of symbiosis, Client Psychology, Ear acupuncture and Diagnostic Methods.


In short biopathy one philosophy and a way of looking at the body's functions from the natural, which also provides answers in nature to solve these problems. The external and internal influences on the body and the psyche has a great influence on our state of equilibrium and we can influence our state and well-being in a certain direction depending on how we affect our organism.

If the body can withstand the stresses we apply it, without being brought out of balance, it is considered a healthy body.

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