Cheap gift ideas

Cheap gift ideas

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If you are a student, you may sometimes find it difficult to make everyday life financially connected. Of course, you need something to eat properly, but you also want to join the studio's Friday bar for the third week in a row. In addition, you probably need to spend money on others once in a while. Sometimes a birthday or two comes up, and of course there is the expensive Christmas season where the whole family needs gifts. Does it seem obvious? Below you will find some cheap gift ideas that will inspire you if you are at SU.

The price of the gift is basically irrelevant

As a student, you probably have a budget you need to adhere to if you can afford to pay your rent or heating bill. It is therefore understandable that you cannot afford to give great and expensive gifts to friends and family. Fortunately, the price of the gift is of no great importance. At least it should be, since it is the thought that counts. As long as you make something out of the gift, even cheap gifts for less than DKK 200 can be good gifts that will be appreciated.

A good book can be an example of a good and cheap gift idea. The price of a book does not matter, as it is the content of the book that must be in order. You can also find good quality clothes that do not cost a farm.

Make your own gift basket

If you like being a little creative, you can make your own gift basket. A personalized gift basket can be filled with anything, but you should of course choose some things that the recipient of the gift likes. For example, if you know a beer enthusiast who is about to have a birthday, a gift basket with various special beers can be an excellent idea. It can certainly be made cheaper than you think. Several Danish supermarkets have shelves where you can find a lot of different specialty beers. If you have a budget of maximum DKK 200, you will easily be able to buy four, five or maybe six good special beers that you can put in the gift basket. Of course, a gift basket can also be used for anything other than beer. For example, you can fill a basket of good chocolate, coffee or something completely third. Limited only by imagination.

Gift voucher for experiences

When talking about cheap gift ideas, it is necessary to mention a gift card. A gift card may sound a little dry and boring if it is, for example, a gift certificate of DKK 150 for a regular clothing store - although it can certainly make people happy too. However, it is also possible to find gift certificates that apply to specific experiences. For example, you can buy a gift card for a tour of the steak that you and a friend, boyfriend or family member can enjoy together. It is also possible to give a gift certificate for a restaurant visit or perhaps a little massage. There are many different types of gift cards, which is why you can definitely find a gift card that fits your budget and that you think is appropriate to use as a gift.