Bernth & Co.

If you would like a good and extremely delicious sandwich of the highest quality in Aarhus, then Bernt & Co. just the place for you! Bernt & Co. in Aarhus is located at the address Borggade 12 in the center of the city.

Bernt & Co. is owned by Sara Bernth and Bo Marcussen, who have a past from the restaurant industry and therefore have extensive experience in gastronomy. Here you are sure that your sandwich is made from fresh and good ingredients of the highest quality. This way you will be served a fantastic high quality sandwich.

The idea for this amazing sandwich shop came from their own needs where they wanted to find good quality at a decent price. Here, there must be a good quality at eye level at a reasonable price, which is definitely what you experience when you enter this cozy café.

The bread in the sandwich is extremely important, as 80% of a sandwich consists of bread. That's why Bernth & Co. so that the bread is of the highest quality, and stands every morning making the bread for the next day. That is to say, they bake all the bread themselves, and in this way they are sure that the best raw materials are used and that the quality is top notch. The bread is baked and served all day long, so that as a customer, no matter when you visit the store, you are served freshly baked and delicious bread. The bread is baked with biodynamic flour from Arion and coarse durum flour from Molino del Borgo. In addition, the flour is free of additives and other chemicals. If you want to taste the bread for yourself without a sandwich, this is also possible. You can, among other things, buy the bread home to eat with a soup or something you just want.

The quality is always top notch, with their choice of raw materials then. They taste themselves and make sure they choose what they like best so that their customers are served the best of the best.

If you fancy a good and delicious sandwich in the center of Aarhus, then Bernt & Co. definitely the obvious place to buy just this.