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Do you need the courage to make your dream a reality? Do you have difficulty to make important decisions? Do you see constraints rather than opportunities? Need a push in the right direction - career, education, health, family / partner, spare time? Do you have performance anxiety or lack self-confidence?

Lars Augsburg

Lars Augsburg is the owner and founder of Augsburg Coaching. Lars Augsburg is a Certified NLP / HNLP-practitioner and Coach of Pete Andersen trained by NLP-coach John Tolmie. Has worked with the people out through the teaching and management. If you need a person that motivates, teaches and inspires in an uncomplicated, inspiring and entertaining way? Yes, you are the right place. My passion is to fill people with renewed enthusiasm and go-do attitude, and with new angles to their situation, their opportunities and their potential.

Why coaching

Here are some examples of why people come to coaching: -You want personal development -Man put the needs of others above their own -Ens daily lives do not reflect the same values ​​-Man is overwhelmed by economic problems -You are stressed or perhaps even burned -You have not satisfactory compared to others, which gives a sense of community (partner, family, colleagues, etc.) -You want to do creative or spiritual pursuits, but puts them always end of the table -You feel you are at a crossroads and do not know how to proceed -You feel your life just happens all by itself -You have an idea for a project but are not passed -You feel betrayed by a loved one and can not get it -You have a poor self-image and the does not feel good -You feel like anything else in life but do not know what. -You Feel it is external factors that determine the state of things in one's life; one's parents, one's education, politicians etc. -For every one of the above problem, there are many different solutions. The important thing is that they come directly from you as a client. Here are some possible solutions to the above: -Man engage in some form of daily self development, meditation, writing dreams or realizations down etc. -Man clarifies its real value-based priorities and live them in practice. -Man Phase out / eliminate things and relationships that drain. -Man Creates a sound economic action plan. -Man Learn to relax and priorities for higher values. -You Invest time in developing the conditions that can give the feeling of community. -You Spend time to practice and develop their creative and spiritual abilities.

Coaching versus therapy etc.

Coaching versus therapy etc. Coaching is a relationship between equals, which utilizes targeted questions to help the client to move in the direction of his desires and goals. Generative process - installing new strategies Creator function at a higher level coach asks "How?" Motivation direction is "towards" Performance and action-oriented (can be orientated) Therapy is a relationship where the therapist is responsible for diagnosing and fixing the symptoms or illness, and to help the client to overcome "past-oriented" problems. Tit will therapist "over" client relationship. Primary healing can be generative Recovers functions and helping the client to "adapt" Asking "Why?" Motivation direction is "away from" Negative emotions, process-oriented Counseling is a relationship where an expert hired to provide advice and / or pass on experience and expertise. The problem may be in counseling is that it usually is based on the consultant's resources and therefore may be difficult to implement unless advised have the same resources. Mentor Ship is an experienced person guides another person career-wise and personally. The mentor shares his knowledge and transfer its competencies ten younger and less experienced person - the mentee. Most often there is no money in the relationship between mentor and mentee.


I offer packages on coaching, a package consisting á 7 sessions, one session has a duration of 45 min. the possibility of double sessions. The first session is free. Price for a coaching package is kr. 4500 incl. VAT. There must always be paid before the second session. We always include a coaching agreement.


International Coach Federation's (ICF) Code of Ethics ICF Coaching Philosophy International Coaching Federation joins a coaching form, which recognizes the client's expertise in his own life and work and believes that every client is creative, resourceful and whole. On this basis, it is the coach's responsibility to:

•Uncover, clarify and adhere to what the client want to achieve

• Encourage client self-exploration

• Uncover the client's own solutions and strategies

• Hold the client responsible for its performance

ICF Definition of Coaching

Professional coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people to create extraordinary results in their lives and careers as well as in companies and organizations. Coaching process helps the client to deepen learning, improve performance and enhance quality of life. At each meeting, the client chooses the subject of the conversation, while the coach listens and contributes observations and questions. This interaction creates clarity and encourages the client to action. Coaching accelerates the client's progress by increasing focus and attention to opportunities. Coaching focuses on where clients are now and what the client is willing to do to get to where the client wants to be in the future. Coaches who are members of the ICF and ICF-akkreditterede coaches recognize that results are dependent on the client's intentions, choices and actions, supported by the coach's efforts and use the coaching process.

ICF Standards of Ethical Conduct Professional Conduct as a coach:

1. I will conduct myself in a way that provides a positive impression of the coaching profession and I will refrain from conduct or making statements that can give the public a negative image, or a lack of acceptance of the coaching profession.

2. I will not knowingly make any public statements that are untrue or misleading, or in writing make false allegations in the documents relating to the coaching profession.

3. I will respect different approaches to coaching. I will acknowledge others' efforts and contributions and not mention them as my own.

4. I will be aware of any conditions that might lead to misuse of my influence by recognizing the nature of coaching and the way it can affect people's lives.

5. I will at all times strive to recognize personal issues that may impair, conflict or interfere with my coaching skills and my professional relationship. Whenever necessary, I will promptly seek professional assistance and determine the action to be taken, including whether it is necessary to suspend or terminate one or more of my coaching relationships.

6. As a trainer or supervisor of current and potential coaches, I will in all classes and in all super vision behave in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics.

7. I will conduct and report research with competence, honesty and within recognized scientific standards. My research will be carried out with the necessary permits from the involved and in a manner that is reasonably protect participants from potential harm. All research will be conducted in accordance with the laws of the country where the research takes place.

8. I will carefully prepare, maintain, store and destroy any coaching record in a way that guarantees confidentiality and in accordance with relevant laws.

9. I will use ICF member contact information (email, phone number, etc.) as prescribed by the ICF. Professional Conduct with Clients

10. I will be responsible for setting clear, appropriate, and culturally appropriate limits for any physical contact that I may have with my clients.

11. I will not get involved sexually with any of my clients.

12. I will establish clear agreements with my clients and will maintain me all the agreements concluded in the context of professional coaching relationships.

13. I will before the initial session to make sure that my client understands what coaching is, the level of confidentiality, the Financial commitments and other terms of the coaching agreement.

14. I will openly tell you about my qualifications and my expertise and experience as a coach. 15. I will not knowingly mislead or make false claims about what benefits my clients will receive from the coaching process or from me as their coach.

16. I will not give my clients or potential clients information or advice I know or believe to be misleading.

17. I will not knowingly exploit any aspekt of the coach-client relationship for my personal, professional or economic advantage.

18. I will respect the client's right at any point in the process to terminate the coaching. I will be alert to indications that show that the client is no longer benefiting from the coaching.

19. If I believe the client would be better to switch to another coach or by another resource, I will encourage the client to this.

20. If it is necessary or appropriate, I encourage my clients to seek help from other professionals.

21. I will take all reasonable steps to involve the appropriate authorities if a client discloses an intention which are a danger to themselves or others. Confidentiality / Privacy

22. I will respect the confidentiality of my client's information, except as authorized by my client or required by law.

23. I will obtain agreement from my clients before publication of their name as a client, or before the I use them as a reference or disclose any information that could identify them as clients.

24. I will not without the permission of the client passing on information to others for a fee. Conflicts of interest

25. I will seek to avoid conflicts between my and my client's interests.

26. Whenever an actual conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest arises, I will disclose it and openly discuss it with my client to find the best solution for my client.

27. I will disclose to my client all kinds of anticipated compensation from third men that I had to get for referring the client.

28. I will only barter for services, goods or other non-monetary remuneration when it does not impair the coaching relationship. ICF Pledge of Ethics As a professional coach, I acknowledge and agree to honor my ethical obligations to my coaching clients and colleagues and to the public. I undertake to comply with the ICF Code of Ethics, to treat people with dignity as independent and equal human beings and to be a role model for these standards towards my clients. If I breach this Pledge of Ethics or any part of the ICF Code of Ethics, I agree that the ICF in its sole discretion may hold me accountable for this. I further acknowledge that my accountability to the ICF for any breach may result in the loss of my ICF membership and / or my ICF credentials.

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