Do you want a journey of taste? At Applause in Aalborg you get a world of tasty and experiences as you sit down at the restaurant and enjoy their food. Their cozy surroundings and their delicious food will surely lure you in and eat where you can sit in atmospheric surroundings and enjoy a delicious meal. Does this sound like something to you? Then you can visit Restaurant Applause in Aalborg at Ved Stranden 9a.

At Applause, you get food experiences where the guest comes all the way around. Here you can leave time for an evening and just concentrate on enjoying the delicious food. Here is the concept of social dining, and you will be served a wide range of dishes and good wines in the pleasant surroundings. Here, a relaxed atmosphere, good service and tasty food are provided. It is possible to enjoy a mix of social dining and individual dishes. Just sit back and enjoy the cozy evening and leave the worries at home. Let yourself be led into the everyday life of delicious food, where they give you the best possible service and best possible experience.

They make sure you set the menu at Applause and you just have to concentrate on enjoying the food. Here you will find 14 dishes, 50 wines and 60 seating - quite simple, right? Here you can choose between either their social dining concept with 12 dishes determined by the kitchen, or 14 A'la Carte dishes, which are individual dishes that you can even explore in the menu.

Check out the restaurant's Instagram profile out here if you want to know what they post on their social media. Here you can see photos from their cozy restaurant, delicious pictures of the food and their delicious wines.

On their A'la Carte menu you will find a lot of different dishes to suit your taste. The menu is out of the ordinary and you will certainly experience dishes that you have never tasted before and that your taste buds will appreciate before. For example, you can get French fried roast roe, crème fraiche and red onion, grilled duck in taco with mango, papaya and aromatic herbs or what about smoked veal with asparagus broccoli, black lime and truffle sauce?

The prices at Applause are not exactly SU friendly, but also cannot be compared to a traditional dining experience. The experience at Applause is a little out of the ordinary, and if you are the type who really appreciates good dining experiences and exclusive food, then it may well be worth saving up for a trip at Applause, wishing it a gift or celebrating a very special evening out here.

If you would like to be taken on a journey where your taste buds will be spoiled, then it is definitely at Restaurant Applause that you experience this. Take the girlfriend under your arm for a romantic and amazing dining experience or a friend who loves great dining experiences just as much as yourself.