Amazon is coming: How should you market?

Amazon is coming: How should you market?

It is not debatable whether or not Amazon comes to Denmark. That is a fact. Therefore, it may be useful for the vast majority of companies to consider marketing there. Here you will get good advice to get started.

Is your startup digitally dressed?

If you, as a student, have started your own business, you are most likely aware of the importance of being digital.

Some older and more tradition-based businesses are not aware of the importance of being online one way or the other. Maybe you can sell to your customers digitally, or maybe it's just important to be visible in the digital world.

Many young people are digital natives and realize that the future is digital in many areas and that is also reflected in many startups, but what if you are employed by a company that is not aware of the digital importance?

The first step is to get ready for the digital universe before you can get ready for Amazon.

Should major products also be on Amazon?

There may be many opinions about which areas, industries and industries benefit most from being present and marketing on Amazon.

One might be tempted to think that only items like beauty care, mobile covers and other smaller and often cheaper items make sense to sell on Amazon.

Fortunately, that is not the case. It makes good sense for many different industries to sell and advertise on the huge platform.

Alulock is a Danish company that sells outside Denmark and has been successful with Amazon.

They sell scaffolding, lifts and work boxes, which is why they are an excellent example of how it makes sense for many different types of businesses to use Amazon. You can read more about Alulock's wide selection at .

Product description and keywords are a must

In order to sell on Amazon, it is essential to have good product descriptions for its products as well as fair prices compared to competing brands.

To reach your customers, you also need to be well positioned when potential customers search for your business or type of product. Therefore, be sure to have relevant and accurate keywords associated with your products.

When you, as a consumer, search for a particular product on Amazon, you tend to click on the top results and not the ones on the subsequent pages.

As a business, you have to know the behavior of your customers online, and this is something that only terraces are really good at. If you are looking for a beautiful and quality-assured wooden terrace, read more at .

Get valuable help with your Amazon adventure

Since Amazon is not yet on the Danish market, it can be difficult to get started selling properly even if you have customers in other countries where Amazon dominates.

Therefore, it should not be underestimated to get professional sparring, advice and help to get started with Amazon by an expert.

The way you advertise and advertise on Amazon is different from other databases and platforms, so it can be a good investment for your business to be ready for when Amazon comes to Denmark.

Another reason to become smarter about Amazon marketing is that many potential customers overseas are already diligently buying loose and there you can get a bite of the cake.

An up-to-date and skilled expert in the field is Amazon specialist Jonas Kapper, who offers various services to sell, market and succeed on Amazon.

You can see what he offers on his own website, where he also shares some of his useful tips for getting started right now. You can go exploring at