Adecco is both Denmark and the largest partner in HR solutions!

This makes us a natural focal point when companies and new employees will meet on the common interest - matching jobs with skills.

We match companies' needs for competence with candidates who have something to offer and contribute. Whether there is a need for temporary staff, long-term project work or permanent employment. And whether there is a need for specialists or generalists.

Adecco - Your HR partner
With our broad range of products and services can Adecco become a valuable HR partner for you and your business.

As an employee and candidate can Adecco be a JobPartner that help you reach the goals you have set yourself purely commercial. So whether you need career development, job changes, flexibility in your work or new challenges, the Adecco is the right choice for you.

Adecco will make a difference. For each client and candidate. For labor market and society.
That's why we talk about Better work, better life - a phrase that is worth working and living for.



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