5 things to the student residence

5 things to the student residence

Should you start a new study after the summer? Finally, if you have to go away from the parents' safe speech and into the storm and so on, it requires some preparation. Of course, the first task is to find a good and safe place to live, but hereafter comes the list of the necessary things that you will need before the moving car arrives. Below you will get an overview of five different things that are necessary to have standing in the new study home.

A practical dining table

It's no use to buy a huge dining table if your studio's square meter is 30. When you look at the new dining table, it's important that you keep thinking of the keyword "practical". If you know that you want to visit many visitors, you can, for example, choose a table with an additional disc that can be opened. Also, choose a material that can be easily cleaned if the move party becomes a little too colorful.

kitchen Things

No home without cooking. If you're completely without any kitchen problems, take a trip to the nearest IKEA. Here you can find everything in the kitchen so you do not have to leave an extra plate when your mother is visiting. In this regard, however, do not buy unnecessary cooking items. Write a checklist before sneaking out and looking at the cases so you do not end up making fun impulse purchases that you will not appreciate in the future.


There is no longer a nice mother who manages the cleaning when you move away from home. Here's the time to find the gloves so that you can make your new student residence clean and tidy before the guests come to visit. However, with regard to the range of cleaning items, you do not have to do anything else but just a handful of handkerchiefs, detergents, a bucket and floor mop, garbage bags and, in particular, a vacuum cleaner.


Comfortable office chair

When studying life, you also need a good and comfortable office chair. Here it is important that you do not go out and look at the beautiful smart office chair that will fit perfectly into the minimalist style of the home. Make sure to put a big cross on the comfort list so that you can sit as much as possible when all the homework and tasks are to be arranged.


Good internet

A good internet connection is also alfa and omega in the new study home. To avoid frustrated mines due to a bad slow internet connection, it is important that you investigate various broadband connections. A good broadband connection will ensure that you can focus properly on your study work without having to worry about how slow the network is. When looking for internet solutions, do not forget to investigate both mobile and fixed broadband. The mobile broadband is often a cheap solution if you do not want as much data while the fixed broadband is a good solution if Netflix streaming is to take place every night before bedtime. For example, you can find various internet prices at internetmatch.dk to find the best solution for your needs.