5 great tips for saving money on streaming services like students

5 great tips for saving money on streaming services like students

We Danes love to stream. In 2018, Statistics Denmark estimated that 56 per cent of all internet users in Denmark streamed a movie or a TV program.

But streaming services cost money. And as a student it is not always just what one has the most. Therefore, we asked the owners of the streaming portal Streamingnews.dk whether they would like to share good advice on how to save money on streaming services as students.

These 5 good advice have come out.

  1. Find out your needs

First of all, it might be a good idea to sit down and get an overview of the various streaming services that you subscribe to. This way you can easily get an overview of which and how much you spend on streaming services every month.

Then it is a good idea to find out what needs you have. Are you audiobooks you are looking for? Is that the movie you're looking for? Or maybe being able to stream sports events?

This is important, as you can find out if you spend too much money on streaming services according to your needs. Or whether it pays to switch streaming service to a provider that better suits your needs.

  1. Use Media Stream

It is the few who know Mediestream , which is a shame as it is worth gold if you can do TV shows and are students. Media Stream gives access to The Royal Library's digital collection of newspapers, radio, television and commercials. Ie here you can see almost all the TV shows from eg. DR1, TV 2 mm since 2006.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to Media Stream, as large parts of the material are protected by the Copyright Act. However, if you study at one of the following educational institutions, you have access to Media Stream:

  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Danish School of Media and Journalism
  • University of Copenhagen
  • Roskilde University
  • Southern Danish University
  • Aalborg University
  • Aarhus university

All you have to do is just log in with your education login and then you have access to Media Stream.

  1. Get student discounts on certain streaming services

Some of the different streaming services offer student discounts on their service. Here, for example. mentioned:

  • Get 50% discount on Spotify Premium
  • If you study at university or higher education, you can get a student subscription with iTunes Music
  • Are you a member of ISIC Denmark, you can try Storytel for free for 30 days (rather than the normal 14 days)

There are certainly other places where you can also get a student discount. A good idea is to check whether the streaming services you are using now offer a study subscription.

  1. Use the free streaming services

In addition to Mediestream, there are a number of other services that are owned by the public and which can be used for free. Here you can mention:

  • Ebooks and Audiobooks: eReolen
  • Film: Film strip
  • TV shows: DRTV

It can always be a good idea to check if the e-book, audiobook, movie or TV show you want to access is available on one of the streaming services above before you spend money subscribing to a given streaming service. That way you can save a lot of money.

Eg. It may be that the audiobook you would like to hear is available at eReolen. Therefore, you may not need a subscription with Mofibo. Or maybe your desired movie is available on the Film Strip so you don't have to rent it from Blockbuster.

  1. Share a streaming service with another

For many streaming services it is possible to share the streaming service with one or more others. Eg. costs a Basic subscription at Netflix DKK 79 a month. But if you buy a Premium subscription for DKK 129 a month, you can be 4 who use it at the same time.

Ie If you are 4 to share a Premium subscription, then you should only use 129/4 = 32.25 per month rather than DKK 79. It is over half price in savings.

In many of the other streaming services it is also possible to share the subscription with others. Then you know that some of your friends or family members use the same service, so you can save a lot by sharing the subscription withthem.