5 advantages of choosing an ERP system in the cloud

5 advantages of choosing an ERP system in the cloud

Technological developments are constant today, and this places higher demands on the systems and programs we use in business. With a changing technology, there are clear advantages to choosing a cloud-based ERP system over an on-premise.

Here we give you 5 benefits of an online clubbing ERP system.

  1. Always updated

Most companies use an accounting system for an average of 8-10 years. If the system is not in the cloud, it means that it can quickly become obsolete as technology evolves.

With a cloud-based financial system, you are constantly updated, so you always have the latest version. This avoids lengthy upgrading processes that mean temporary downtime and prevent access to important business data.


  1. Pay only for what you use

With a cloud-based system, you buy access to the features and modules you need. You rent with a certain number of users - which means you only pay for what is actually used by the company.

With an on-premise system, you buy access in one large lump sum, no matter how many or few features you need.

In addition , a cloud economy system allows you to scale your needs up and down as needed. You thus have greater flexibility with a cloud-based financial system.


  1. Release of resources

All on-premise systems draw on the company's IT resources. Outsourcing of operations to external IT experts will also mean that financial resources are used for the company.

An online, cloud-based system, on the other hand, will not require either maintenance or operation for the company. This is what the supplier stands for. Releasing the IT department from the operational function gives the department room to work focused on its own IT projects that benefit employees and the business.

  1. Security

Today, financial systems are not only used in the office in the safety of a firewall. Access to data from multiple platforms and locations is needed. And that puts higher demands on security.

It is therefore important that a financial system today can secure data against modern threats from the outside. Therefore, the cloud-based solution is often more effective. Here, data can be accessed - anytime - anywhere.

  1. Greater flexibility

Updates are inevitable in financial systems - both on-premise and in the cloud. However, the advantage of a cloud-based solution is that it takes place with a single click.

Cloud-based financial systems have a standardized system, and every time an update is made, it will be adapted to the basic system. That is why it is always painless and simple.

Modern providers, such as Uniconta, make sure that products can be directly adapted to the individual company's needs and requirements for a larger financial system in the cloud. Therefore, among other things, CRM functions can be integrated into the standard system.

It provides flexible systems that optimize business and secure data - simply and efficiently.

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