4 things you can wish for Christmas, if you are also completely blank (for him)

4 things you can wish for Christmas, if you are also completely blank (for him)

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If you are also a student, busy with exams, city trips, friends, etc., and Christmas is not exactly the first thing you think of, then read on here. Christmas may no longer be the same as it used to be. And therefore the gifts also do not mean the whole world anymore (without sounding ungrateful of course). But your parents have started asking you for a wish list, so you do not have complete control over it. Therefore, we have made a small list of 5 things you can wish for if you need to send something away or are missing the last inspiration.


Our first suggestion is clothing. You can always use something new. Whether it is trousers, shirt , t-shirt, etc. For example, it could be that you were missing a new shirt for the New Year, and then you can appropriately wish for one. There should at least be plenty of options if you are completely blank. The fashion changes all the time, and it can be difficult to keep up when you are at SU. Christmas is therefore a really good opportunity to get the wardrobe updated on.


Yes a thermos. At least if you are a coffee lover. You will quickly find that a thermos can save your day when you sit down for lectures. It can be your faithful companion for the long hours. And then it can save you a lot of money so you do not go and buy too expensive coffee in the canteen all the time. It is then shown what is called a win win.


You can always wish for experiences. It can be with family, friends or boyfriend. And they can be in many castings. Maybe concert, spa stay, culinary experiences, beer tasting and go-karting - you name it. It just has to be something that you think is cool.

Things for the apartment

No matter how tiring it sounds, it can be well given out. It is not always that you bother to spend money on the things that you lack in the apartment. Therefore, you can wish for it as a Christmas present. Then you will get around that problem.

WE HOPE YOU CAN USE THIS LITTLE LIST. So you can quickly get the wish list made so you have the opportunity to prioritize some other things. It may then be that something has come off the to-do list.