May 4 College of Aarhus

As a symbol of freedom fighters' resistance during WW2 is May 4 College built in 1949-50. It was designed by the renowned architect CF Møller, who also designed the college closest neighbors: Aarhus School of Business, The Royal Academy of Music, Tandlægekollegiet and Møllevangskolen and especially university located within walking distance of the college.

So living in college you have to study almost all kinds of studies in the immediate area and therefore have the opportunity to meet like-minded or perhaps completely different type from yourself.

May 4 The residence has 52 apartment units of 14 m2. There are four communal kitchens and shared bath. Each apartment has Internet, and Phone. and TV plugs. Find the current rent here. The rent includes electricity, water and heating, as well as the small TVpakke and internet.

May 4 College Fuglesangs Alle 24 8210 Aarhus V Portner: 8615 6268 / Administrator: 8615 8161 / See on map