3 tips on how you as a student can afford to come to cool events

3 tips on how you as a student can afford to come to cool events

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As a student, it is not always the case that the budget is so large every month, and it may be that you have to prioritize some things from. Some students are at SU, live in apartments alone and therefore there is not much money to have fun for. Others live in shared housing and have jobs next to the SU. But no matter what, many students would also like to be able to afford to have fun during their time as students. But fortunately there are also many ways to do it. Read here.


Everyday life on a budget

Often you hear the phrase, 'SU-friendly prices'. Some eateries, for example, offer student discounts and generally lower prices for students. If you plan to go out to eat or just pick up a take-away coffee or other food from the house, then it pays to keep an eye out for discounts for students. In the end, it can turn into a lot of money. In relation to having to buy groceries for the home, it is also a good idea to check the sales newspapers. Although you may have to go around to several stores, you can possibly set aside a single day for this. There is also the option to buy food that is cheaper because it is about to reach the last sale date or it is not good looking enough to sell.


Sometimes you need to treat yourself to something new. It can be in relation to the wardrobe or personal care. Both can well become a cost if it is not on offer. Therefore, one should also here check offers and compare to save money. For example, you can look for cheap perfumes and other necessities within personal care, on the website luxplus.dk. If you are for a specific brand, then there may be money to be saved if it is on offer.

Buy used cases and save money

If there is one thing that you can save money on, it is used things and cases. Whether you are missing a new bed, a desk, a TV or a new mobile phone, it is a good idea to check if you can find it used. Especially as a student, where you also do not know how long you may be living where you are, recycled furniture is a good choice.

Which events should you choose?

There are many cool events for students, every single weekend in the study cities. These events are of course full of students, but also the prices are typically to attend. If there is a concert with a world-famous star, it might be an idea to see if there are any who sell their ticket because they can not attend anyway. Otherwise, it might as well be about finding alternatives. On social media, there are often lots of cool events that may be relevant to you.

Save money on transportation

Train tickets and airline tickets are often cheaper if you book well in advance. Therefore, if you know you are going with one or the other form of transportation, it may pay to check deals and maybe even buy the tickets a while in advance. It is really a shame to end up buying the tickets at almost full price, if you could have gotten them cheaper.