3 tips to save money on transportation for students

3 tips to save money on transportation for students

Students are usually not the ones with the thickest wallet. It is not very well connected to the fact that many students are also those who go to concerts, visit friends, go home to the family on weekends and other things around Denmark. No doubt it can be a costly pleasure to transport around the country. Read here and get 3 tips to save money on transportation.


If you are a student, you know how expensive transportation is and how much of a thing it is to spend money. For example, if you are going from Zealand to Jutland for a concert or just home on a weekend with your family, it can quickly become an expensive trip. A good way to save money when traveling from Zealand to Jutland is to use GoMore. With this app you can find a lift or offer a ride and in this way share the expenses and thereby save money if you were going on the train.

Buy an electric car

If you are one of those students who needs to have your own car for a variety of reasons, buying an electric car rather than a petrol car can be very saving. Besides choosing an electric car is a cheaper solution, it is also a more environmentally friendly solution, which is clearly a win-win situation. You need to be aware that your electric car needs to be charged using a charger . However, this is not a problem, because if you do not have the capacity to have a charging station at home, you can choose to use one of the many public charging stations found around the country.

DSB - youth card and young discount

When you are a student you can get a discount on your train journey at DSB, and you can save up to 50%. With a youth card, there is not a specific percentage discount you can get, as the savings depend on how often you travel by train and where your trip goes. A DSB youth card is intended for students who commute between their home and school. The advantage is that you can run as much as you want for a fixed low amount. Another option you can use if you are between 16-25 years of age and attending an SU-eligible education is young discount. With a young discount you always save 25% on your tickets and it is definitely worth taking.