3 tips to combat exam anxiety

3 tips to combat exam anxiety

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Most of us do not love to take exams. Often it is associated with stressful periods, filled with nervousness and sleepless nights. This is not only a challenge for us privately, it can also easily affect the exam result. Many are therefore interested in what tools can bring anxiety down and here you therefore get our three best offers.


1.Use mindfullness

Mindfullness has in recent years become extremely widespread in many respects, but in particular to treat exam anxiety. This is because the tool is effective in alleviating specific anxiety symptoms, stress and worries with very tangible and easily accessible methods.

The starting point for mindfulness is based on being present in the present through activation of the body's senses. As I said, this is an effective way to combat anxiety, both before, during and after it occurs.

It's simple to get started, and you can already practice the discipline by, for example, drinking a cup of coffee. Have full focus on the senses. How does the cup feel in the hands? How does the coffee smell? How does it feel in the mouth and on by down the greeting? You can do mindfulness no matter what you do. Exercise, for example, when you brush your teeth, make dinner or when you cycle to class.

Take time to describe your senses to yourself and activate all your senses. When your little session is over you may notice that during this time you were not actually able to worry at the same time. Practice being mindful throughout the day, but also feel free to use the exercise when your exam anxiety knocks. That way, in the long run, you will simply be able to stop your mind from running wild.

2. Work with crystals

If you are interested in other, alternative tools, you can also consider whether, for example, crystals are interesting to work with for you.

This is because there are many offers for crystals that just lower the anxiety level and increase self-esteem. For example, the crystal citrine is also known as the exam stone, and this is precisely because of its properties, which are beneficial in pressured situations where the stress level is high.

You can carry the crystal in your pocket or as a piece of jewelery, for example, so you can always benefit from the energy. Citrine jewelry can be purchased at Savasana Crystals .

Use acupressure

In fact, you can even indulge in acupressure at home. Here, one method in particular can be particularly beneficial in connection with exam anxiety.

When we are nervous, our breathing often becomes more superficial, which lowers the oxygen supply to the brain and therefore we may have difficulty focusing and thinking clearly. Of course, you can practice this with breathing exercises. But you can also stimulate the point above the navel where the ribs meet with acupressure.

When we massage and focus on this very point, we have the opportunity to make our breathing deeper again, at times when it otherwise risks becoming superficial. Therefore, you can simply advantageously hold a hand on your stomach when sitting for your exam. Most censors have respect for nerves and also accept such a technique without further explanation, but of course it can also be liberating to articulate the nervousness and explain that acupressure helps your breathing into place so you can perform better.

With these tips, it can hopefully be a little easier to go to the exam - and not least improve the result a lot.