3 gift ideas for the student

3 gift ideas for the student

When a member of the family or circle of friends becomes a student, you have to come up with a gift to bring to the student union. Because it must of course be celebrated that three years of hard work is over, that you can finally burn your notes and rejoice at having passed your matriculation exam. Read along here, where we give you three great gift ideas for the newly graduated student!

It can be difficult to come up with the perfect student gift, because today many young people have everything they need. Many have student jobs where they earn money for what they want.

Others are faced with having to move away from home, so equipment for the home can always be bought. But it could also be that there are other things that might fall into even better soil. Below you will find 3 good ideas that make gift shopping a little easier.

1. Headphones

A gift that many young people will be happy with is a pair of good headphones. At Skalhuset you will find a large selection of headphones and other mobile accessories, so it is a good place to find a student gift.

Here, for example, you can buy the popular Airpods from Apple, which are placed in the ear and wirelessly deliver sound from a mobile phone or tablet. If the budget is larger, you can choose a set of headphones that surround the ear and provide unparalleled sound and noise reduction.

This is the gift for him or her who appreciates good sound and the ability to shut out the world for a while, perhaps while studying homework or riding the train. There aren't many people who wouldn't be happy with a pair of good headphones.

2. Case for the phone

It is well said that one enters the ranks of the adults already at confirmation. However, this does not mean that you are completely ready for the responsibilities of adult life. As a student, however, you are closer to that. You can embrace that with a gift that invites reason and responsibility.

A case for the phone is a great gift for the student who may have dropped his phone a little too many times... The case provides protection so that the phone better withstands shocks. You may want to consider a so-called wallet case, which also has practical pockets for cards and coins. Then things are under control!

3. The move-from-home package

Is the student about to move out of the nest? It is a big event that requires a lot of preparation. Here you can be helpful with your gift. Make a basket with all the most important things the student needs in the new home.

It could, for example, be a towel, a cup for coffee, bed linen, spaghetti and ketchup, plates, dishes or a good pot set. These practical gifts can always be used, so your choice of gift will probably be a good one. If possible, offer to help with the move as part of the gift.

Why give a gift at all?

There are certain major milestones in life that must not go unnoticed. This applies, for example, to confirmation, the student party and large round birthdays. These days must be celebrated in style, and we mark that they are something special by giving gifts.

Therefore, of course, the student must have a wonderful gift, if nothing else then a fresh bouquet of flowers that smells of freedom and adventure.