Kategori Forfatter Udgave ISBN Bogens tilstand
Sprog, kultur & historie Fanny Slotorub & Neel Jersild Moreira 1 9788763603232 Meget brugt
Kategori Sprog, kultur & historie
Forfatter Fanny Slotorub & Neel Jersild Moreira
Udgave 1
ISBN 9788763603232
Bogens tilstand Meget brugt

Pris: 100 Kroner

Pulse 1

Pulse 1 is the first book in the Pulse system for Danish education 3. Pulse is aimed at students at module 1.

Since Pulse 1 is intended for beginners, new vocabulary and linguistic structures are introduced both clearly and simply, but in a way that everyone is challenged. At the same time, the variation and the many different types of tasks ensure that the students' different learning strategies are taken into account. The book is exchanged between assignments that primarily promote automation of the language, and assignments that give the students the opportunity to engage in meaningful communication with others, so that the students achieve as fluent, correct and nuanced language as possible.

Pulse 1 is divided into seven chapters with the topics:

Intro Danish
You and your everyday life
Food and shopping
All year
spare time
For the Puls 1 book, a website has been prepared that offers many different types of tasks and makes it easier to make differentiated and flexible language teaching.

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